1. Rollin' On

From the recording Brewgrass


Rollin’ On

I make my living living on the road
I give it everything I’ve got with each and every show
it ain’t always peaches and cream
I find it hard depending on a dream

I’ve had my share of bumps along the way
there’s always someone out there throwing shade
but it hadn’t slowed me down just yet
I take my cards and I place my bets

I’m rolling on, I’m rolling on
drivin’ straight through midnight for the dawn
betting on these broken wheels to bring me safely home
I keep on rolling on, I’m rolling on

I got a woman that I love to hold
She ain’t afraid to speak her mind or keep me on my toes
reads me like a book and calls my bluff
she knows when to love and when to rough me up

the life we share is full of highs and lows
how we made it work I’ll never know
but I can’t imagine going without her
can’t wait to see what’s up around the curve

The miles are adding up
engine’s almost shot
We’re running out a road
But we’ll give it all we got
‘cause all I know is
Each of us has got to choose
We can stand right where we are
Or we can up and move