From the recording Brewgrass


Put it back together

You spent thirteen years with him, like living in the pen
With iron bars on every windowpane
All his drinking and carousing, his cheating and bad mouthing
From midnight ‘til the light of day

you took it on the chin, never once gave in
a drunken fist or a coffee mug
he’d try to make it better, with a love card or a letter
then one day, you had had enough

he did you wrong I know, but I can fix it that’s for sure
And if you’re sick of him, I think I got the cure
My heart’s solid gold, my hands are tough as leather
he went and broke your heart, I’ll put it back together

you stayed in it for the kids, that’s just how people did
when we were young and foolish in our ways
now we’ve seen the light, we know there’s more to life
when you’re losing hands in a poor man’s game

I got thirty-five more years, and a lot of love to give
And darlin’ you’d make me one happy man
I would get down on one knee, and I would beg and I would plead
And I’d be so honored if you’d take my hand