1. Tangerine Moon

From the recording Brewgrass



The smokestacks in Hoboken lull me to sleep
Ol’ Rip Van Winkle’s ain’t got nothin’ on me
the lights in the harbor, trail into space
If I stare any longer then I might see your face

I have a Manhattan, a tonic and gin
I have me another til the roof’s caving in
the T bone for dinner she was marbled and good
but I’m covered in pine tar and I’m covered in wood

Can you hear me, darlin’? Are the poppies in bloom?
It’s a long way to Broken Bow, and a tangerine moon

The stockbrokers were stumblin’ ‘round in the dark
They went and stole the carousel out of Central Park
rolled it down Wall Street like a sawmill on fire
I called it a spade and they called me a liar

I labor in the garden like a good worker bee
no matter how I try, they don’t see me
it’s one flower forward and two flowers back
I set um at the queen’s feet then I bumble down the track


it’s a three ring circus on a ship full of fools
where the kids don’t know nothing, but the kids write the rules
the water from the Hudson’s seeping down in my shoes
but I dream of Broken Bow and I dream of you