From the recording Brewgrass



“Can you spare a dime?” read the old cardboard sign
as he shuffled up the edge of the road
he was tattered and torn, he was numb the core
from sleeping all night in the snow

so I gave him some change then I went on my way
but I couldn’t get him out of my mind
trudging along to a tired old song
he was keeping in three quarter time

with nowhere to sleep, and nothing to eat
a man all alone with his thoughts
dancing away in the dew and the rain
to the sound of the broken man’s waltz

well it’s turkey and yams, and cranberry jam
at the mission on Thanksgiving Day
but come New Year’s Eve he’ll be back on the street
keeping the demons at bay


so the next time you cross a stranger who’s lost
while you’re waiting for the light to turn green
offer a prayer, let him know that you care
spare a dime for someone in need