I see the grapevines in the yard they’re swinging like a hangman’s noose
I try and try I try so hard I just can’t seem to cut ‘em loose
And now they’re creeping up the rail breaking in our windowpane
That’s a shame

And all the angels on the rooftop like staccato in the rain
When the story’s all played out we’re left to wonder who’s to blame
Singing someone else’s song wearing someone else’s smile
We’ve done it for a while

Shadows creep across the floor we’re holding out for something more
You and me, we got a love worth fighting for

Do you remember that September when you and I drove west
To see the canyons and the deserts and the sky all painted red?
And do you ever think about all the stupid things we did
When we were kids?

Now someone stole your locket and your pocket’s full of straw
Left you lying in the ditch left you with a broken jaw
Well, I believed in you back then and I believe in you today
So won’t you stay?

Now I wake up in the morning now I lay me down to sleep
Now I put the dog to bed now I have another drink
And I hear you coming up for air in the middle of the night
And it ain’t right

When all the daffodils and dollar bills we planted in the spring
Are breaking through the ground without a sound and I swear it’s all in vain
The only thing I give a damn about in this whole house is you
It’s only you