Hey there Cinderella, I know it’s been a while
And a postcard from a rodeo was always more my style
I was never any good at picking up the phone
Or anything that had to do with home

I’m working at the tavern, and I fish the days away
I’m living with this ski bum in a rental down on main
With the Beartooths to the west of me and the Bighorns in the east
I think a man can finally find some peace

Now I know what you’re thinking, I acted like a fool
And when you’re playing hide and seek you can’t make up your own rules
I just called to tell you the Gipper’s holding on
And I love you, that’s all

The Holy Rollers won me over at the church in town
But don’t tell the Bowery Boys, I’d never live it down
I get a coffee every morning and a burrito at mid day
But the whiskey always has the final say

The Katy’s in the canyon are letting go of spring
And summer brings the straw hats and campers up the plain
They pass through these mountains and on the way to Yellowstone
For a country where the buffalo still roam